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​I​ am 43 years old, I started working out with Martine when I turned 40. My daughter was a year and a half old at the time. Prior to that I had a good workout regime when I lived in India, with a personal trainer between 2005-2010. Turning 40 was as if the metabolism switch pretty much got turned off! I couldn't lose the weight after my baby, and that got me pretty down on myself. Then I met Martine - high octane, funny, passionate - a breath of fresh air. She wanted to "shock my system" and that's exactly what she did. She helped me do a reset on many fronts - exercising, eating, lifestyle. She helped me keep on keeping on, with her generosity of spirit and dedication. And she taught me to not feel guilty about eating what I like or drinking what I like - AS LONG AS IT IS IN MODERATION! I have lost around 15 kilos and I have been able to keep it steady over the last year or so. I feel like I've turned back the clock - un petit peu - and that feels great!" ​Roshni Venkatesh - Singapore