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She also tells us to enjoy life, so I know I am allowed my treats too! My life in Singapore changed when I was recommended to try out Martine's Bootcamp. I had slowly fallen off the healthy track of regular exercise and at the same time my diet was getting worse without any motivation to keep myself fit. I had lived in Singapore for two years and hadn't felt like joining any regular groups to train with - alone I am a lazy one. When I joined the Bootcamp group for the first time, I felt like I could only do one third of the class properly, and still I felt my feet heavy and myself exhausted. After 3 months I could feel a big change in my fitness level, but also my clothes felt more lose. After a while I realized I was putting my goals even higher, and started a third weekly session with Martine's private group with 2-3 women. It didn’t take many weeks to start losing many centimeters off my waist and hips, and everyone was saying how good I looked - I was even being a role model to some, which was unbelievable! But I couldn't have done it without Martine's regular classes. With Martine did I not only get motivation to train but also to keep the balance with my diet. Her guidance for me is great, because she also tells us to enjoy life, so I know I am allowed my treats too! It makes it easier to maintain a healthy diet. Apart from the fitness aspect, the groups are socially great - a bunch of amazing women and men from all over the world with amazing stories! It sure was fun to see everyone at the end of the season drinks all dressed up and looking great -I think we all deserved our champagne, thanks to Martine!

Nina  - Singapore