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"5kg melted off in 2 months!!" I joined Martine’s bootcamps shortly after my arrival to Singapore. I got great physical workout 2x/week as well as fun (yes it is possible to have fun early in the morning doing sports!). Then, my boyfriend proposed. As any bride-to-be, I decided that I would be in the “best shape of my life” on my Big Day. I turned to Martine who drew up a comprehensive body shaping programme for me, including nutritional advice as well as physical workout. 5kg melted off in 2 months!! I really appreciated Martine’s tailor-made approach. She takes into consideration individual lifestyle and nutritional habits and I felt that the programme fitted in my lifestyle and the changes I made were there to stay and not just a short-time sacrifice. The day my goal was achieved I treated myself to a photo session in a studio. I am proud to say that Photoshop has not been used at all!

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