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"Martine has given me the tools to eat well and stay fit for the rest of my life." Training with Martine has changed my shape forever. I thought I knew how to exercise and keep fit, but actually I was just doing lots of running, and working out with Martine is all body toning and a lot more fun. Eating the right things was another area I thought I had sorted - not until you meet Martine! I started 9 months before my wedding and 5 months on I'm still in the same shape I was on my wedding day. Martine was a continual support and motivation for me, by the end of it I was doing it for the both of us, I wanted to make her proud! Martine has given me the tools to eat well and stay fit for the rest of my life. I always loved every minute of bootcamp and its such a nice group of people all ages, shapes and sizes, after a month it's also a good catch up with your friends! After the wedding my husband joined as i had told him so much about Martine and he had seen how my body changed. He loved it too as said it was better than other bootcamps he has tried in Singapore. Martine's bootcamps are what you make of it, all the information and the support is there, only you can make it happen and get results. I have now left Singapore and not been able to find a bootcamp as good as Martine's and I know I won't find an instructor that I find as motivational or who ends up being such a lovely friend.

Juliet  - UK