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I went far beyond my expectations! I put on 25 kilos for my second pregnancy and as I wasn’t able to lose all the extra kilos I put on during my first pregnancy, I decided I needed help so I looked for a personal trainer. I was familiar to bootcamp as I discovered them in Sydney but I needed more focus. I met Martine and immediately liked her. She listened to me carefully and gave me hope and motivation. She started training me only one month after giving birth. For the first 3 months, I had 2 personal training sessions and 2 bootcamps (group sessions) per week. At the beginning, I was not paying too much attention to my food but very quickly she helped me on that too. Training was tough but always worth it. Thanks to her, I went far beyond my expectations in terms of fitness. I started enjoying it very much. More than that, it gave me energy even if my nights were bad because of a newborn baby. Besides that, Martine is always in a good mood and she is such a good listener, she knows what it takes to look good and shares her experience with us. She pushes us beyond our limits! She is never late, always prepared and sessions are always different. I have done a lot of different training but no coach is as good as Martine, professionally and personally. I never thought I would say that one day but I can’t spend a week without training now. I was 73kg when I started with Martine and I am now 62kg. I have been 62kg before but never that fit. My body has changed and I feel very good about it. I can only recommend Martine to anybody who is looking for results, it will be difficult but she will help you to go where you want to be. 

Julie - Singapore