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Outdoor Training Session

Opt For The Outdoor Training Session To Melt Your Fat

Date : 23 May, 2017

Training session to melt your fat

In an early morning, the outdoor training session is the best way to melt your fat. Here we will share the full day outdoor activity and diet which will help you to burn some fat and bring out a new personality in you. After all, day sitting at the office, following diets and exercise plan, you are not able to burn that fat. It is not a big issue you just need to change your lifestyle.

The Essential need for the outdoor training session

•    Sport shoes

•    Water bottle

•    Yoga Mat

•    Small towel

•    Enthusiasm

Action outdoor exercise ideas to melt your fat

Cycling is the best way to work out. It is more beneficial than indoor cycling. For a short distance, you can go by cycle as a mode of transport.

In the early morning, you can go by cycle to the nearest park. Let’s start with a morning walk of 10 minutes around 6 or 6:30 am whatever suits you. Vitamin D plays a vital role in health management. 10 minutes walk in sunlight is more than sufficient.

Few exercises

You can do Pushups with the help of a bench. There are two ways -

•    Put your hands on the bench and raise your body up and down and repeat 10 sets

•    Put your legs on the bench and try decline pushups and repeat 10 sets.

Triceps dips

With the help of a bench, you can do triceps dips. Face opposite to the bench and put your both hands back on the bench and lift your body up and down. Repeat 10 sets.

Free hand squats

Spread your feet’s, lower your back and bend your knees and stand straight again. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

Stretch on the mat

Lie down on the mat facing the sky. Fold your knees; put both hands behind the neck. Raise your chest up and slow down. Do 5 set take few second for a break and repeat.

Most people tend to skip breakfast to burn the fat. But you need to eat some protein in the morning to break down fat quickly.

As we all know the health benefits of green tea. It is advisable to drink at least 4 cups of green tea whole day. It increases the metabolic rate to burn at least 100 calories a day.

Avoid lifts and take the stairs to burn your fat. It is advised to take a walk and step the stairs in every two hours around the office. This keeps on increasing your metabolic rate. In the evening, try a quick gym session of 25 minutes on every alternate day. Also, you can join group fitness training in Singapore.

This simple daily routine will help you to melt the unwanted fat. You will feel healthy and energetic whole day with this small session of exercise in intervals. If you want to become healthy, just opt for the outdoor training session to melt your fat.

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